Terms and Conditions


Last updated 03/16/2007

Terms and Conditions

Blackwoodpictures.com(Wilms Inc.) Terms and Conditions
The following terms and conditions are the sole basis by which Blackwoodpictures.com(Wilms Inc.) and Client hereby accepts said terms and conditions on both sides .

All videos are copyrighted by Blackwoodpictures.com(Wilms Inc.) with all rights reserved. The Client understands that reproduction of any video in whole or in part without the expressed written permission of Blackwoodpictures.com(Wilms Inc.) is illegal and prohibited.

The Client agrees to pay all package prices and/or fees after the shoot is finished. We accept check payable to Wilms Inc. and Pay pal.

Video will be completed and ready for delivery within 1 week of the shoot date. Video will be delivered upon payment of contract in full. Blackwoodpictures.com(Wilms Inc.) retains rights to all raw footage videotaped.

Limitation of Liability

Blackwoodpictures.com(Wilms Inc.) will put most care to produce a video of the highest quality, but will not be held responsible for acts of God and/or circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to power failure, equipment malfunction, defective tape stock and/or Client misuse of equipment.  Under any and all circumstances which prohibit production of video, the total liability of Blackwoodpictures.com(Wilms Inc.) is limited to the refund of the retainer and any monies paid toward final cost of video.

In the unlikely event of serious personal injury or emergency circumstances beyond the control of Blackwoodpictures.com(Wilms Inc.) a substitute videographer, subject to the acceptance by the Client, may be dispatched to fulfill the obligations of videography herein contracted. If securing  a videographer is not possible, or if the Client declines such substitution, the Client will receive a full refund of retainer. Total liability of Blackwoodpictures.com(Wilms Inc.) is limited to the refund of the retainer and any monies paid toward the final cost of the video.

Blackwoodpictures.com(Wilms Inc.) will not video record any event in the rain or other inclement weather such as would damage Blackwoodpictures.com(Wilms Inc.) equipment. If weather conditions prohibit videotaping the event either in part or in whole and arrangements have not been complete then we reschedule.
Video Rights
The Client gives permission and Blackwoodpictures.com(Wilms Inc.) reserves the right to use any or all of the video and digital photos Blackwoodpictures.com(Wilms Inc.) promotional, marketing and/or advertising purposes.

Blackwoodpictures.com(Wilms Inc.) will abide by all rules of the facility and/or directions of staff (if applicable) and/or facility coordinator(s) in regard to camera set-up and will not be held responsible for absence of certain shots due to such rules and/or directions, or due to interference by wedding guests or vendors, including the photographer. Client acknowledges that videography requires reasonable lighting and that production may be compromised due to low or poor light levels.  In certain low light situations Blackwoodpictures.com(Wilms Inc.) may suggest use of a professional camera-mounted light as approved by the Client.

Code of Conduct
Blackwoodpictures.com(Wilms Inc.) will always consider the requirements and desires of the client in terms of video capture, editing, and style, but reserve the right to use their professional opinion in any circumstance.
The Client has viewed samples of Blackwoodpictures.com(Wilms Inc.) work and is completely satisfied with its quality and with Blackwoodpictures.com(Wilms Inc.) video production capabilities and artistic style. Changes in the finished product to personal tastes will result in additional fees.
Blackwoodpictures.com(Wilms Inc.) DVD authoring technology produces videos on DVD-R media which occasionally can be incompatible with some DVD players. If Client cannot playback DVD Blackwoodpictures.com(Wilms Inc.) will alternatively produce video on ONE DVD+R media.

Video Hosting and custom webpage

Blackwoodpictures.com has a free video hosting (You tube) and custom webpage Blackwoodpictures reserves the right to delete it and will not be held responsible for any offline moments.