How long does it take to produce a video tour ?
In general, filming your property will typically take about 2 to 3 hours, although this really depends on the size of the property. We do not set a time limit just to make sure we have all the details to show your property from all the right corners.Once we have the footage We try and have your Video Tour online within 48 hours if possible.

Why do Video Tours cost more than a typical 360 Virtual Tour?
Currently 360 Virtual Tours use only still images shot with a special lens and then stitched together in a software program.Making a virtual tour takes very little time and can be produced in just a half hour!Other types of virtual tours pan back and forth or up and down over a large still photograph. Some companies claim to have video virtual tours, but all they are showing you is a slideshow of photographs.

Our Video Tours are all shot in High definition.We professionally shoot the video with a HD-Camcorder then professionally edit to the Royalty free music with or without voice-over compressed to QuickTime, Windows Media Video or Flash formats.We create your custom webpage with your Video Tour and host it on our website then uploaded to several websites, ,YouTube etc. for visibility in general search engine results, such as Google So in short the answer is labor costs and equipment needed to create the Video Tour.
If you are looking for a more ‘cost effective’ solution we do offer the Hi Res. photo-tours providing a virtual walk-through of your property with still images edit to the Royalty free music with or without voice-over.

Why are most of the Video Tours less then 4 minutes long ?
We believe that the attention span drops off after about 3 minutes. Today’s buyer/renter just doesn’t have the time to watch full length movies on every home the purpose of a video tour is to give buyers/renters a preview of the home’s best features so they want to schedule a live tour of the house.

Can we get a DVD of the Video Tour ?
Yes, a DVD loop of your tour is available for $20 which is playable in any DVD player or computer with a DVD drive.Note:in the Executive package is a DVD included with a enhanced DVD menu with chapters.

Can I upload my video tour to sites such as YouTube etc..
Absolutely! Although we will do this for free.

Can I use the Hi Res. photos you take for my website ?
Yes you can. We give a cd with the tour on and if it is a photo-tour we also put all the pictures we take on the cd so you will be able to use them.We can also email them to you if you prefer that.

What are Special Camera techniques Camera Dolly etc ?
A camera dolly gives you the feeling you ride through the home from room to room these techniques are also used in the movie business we are currently the only company that offer this for Video Tours. It looks amazing on swimming pools and it is ideal for bigger homes or homes that have more features. We use special techniques to give your home that extra attention more close ups to show the amenties etc..all this is included in the Executive package

What is a Blu-Ray disc ?
A Blu-Ray disc format was developed to enable recording, rewriting and playback of high-definition video (HD),we offer this option for a $50 fee on our Luxury and Executive Packages it will bring the maximum of quality to your Video Tour available today (thru High definition) You will need a Blu-ray player to play a Blu-ray disc

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