44 Years ago I saw my first image on earth in Geel Belgium on 11 December 1968 .My father Julien Wilms was in the year 1960 very fascinated in making short films mainly family shorts…he soon got to know people who shared the same passion. After a couple years in 1976 he decided to start a film club, so people could join to talk about film but also to make short films like Dracula etc…to enter in local film contests.

These meetings were every Thursday, I was very interested in going with my father to these meetings I was only 8 years old or rather young…. So I couldn’t really do much my self but what my eyes saw made me very interested. But once in my teen years my interest changed to other stuff like hanging out with my friends and doing the typical teenager stuff.

Many years later my father met a guy named Willie Suickerbuik and they became good friends, he was a pro photographer and worked in a photo lab for Afga. A little before I married he showed me his lab at home I was totally blown away and soon had my own pro camera and even my own dark room. He was the one who teached me everything about photography and I am still using his advise today even. In that time everything was still analog so it was always exiting to develop the film to see the results on paper, it was a whole process but it was very fascinating.

My father however was still only interesting in video, but he started to talk about changing his manual mixing panel for a digital solution. But he did not know anything about computers so he asked my help, since I build my own computers in that time it was not a problem. However the pinnacle hardware box was all new, so it took us some afford to install after it was finally installed I wanted to try it out myself. From that moment my long forgotten interest for video came back.

I helped my father a lot and from time to time I joined him to film an event like ballet or ceremonies. I also bought my first digital camera and not long after my first digital camcorder the Sony TRV-900 and many camcorders followed I made business commercials etc….

In 2006 I moved to Clermont Florida together with my wife Veerle we started our own video production company. I am very fortunate that my wife shares the same passion as me so because of this we became the perfect team for the job. In 2008 I discovered a whole new world “the world of depth of field” this opened my eyes to a whole new level. Soon I had my first 35mm adaptor the Letus Extreme in combo with my Sony HVR Z1 I started out with only a couple prime Nikon lenses from eBay but I was pleasantly surprised of what a good film look pictures I developed with this combo. But it had some limitations with the shutter speeds and exposure however I still think it is a great combo. In October 2009 I upgraded my camera to the Sony PMW EX1 the picture quality is amazing and you can definitely see this camera belongs in the pro range. I also upgraded to the Letus Ultimate 35mm adaptor this is for me the best upgrade I ever did. I bought more prime Nikon lenses and developed the perfect combo to make excellent video with a film look I always wanted to achieve.Now in 2011 I upgraded to the Sony PMW F3.Check out my gear page.

Beside our business website www.blackwoodpictures.com that mainly includes Video Tours and our different packages, I wanted to create this website www.rudywilms.com to show a more personal approach on what I do and what I love to do. It will also give the people the option to comment or question every article or post etc…My experience includes; video tours, commercial video, short movies and special effects. I’m available as a freelance camera operator and editor

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